Interfector's Folly

Featuring Scott Larson

Worn down by life in the city, Scott and his wife Steph move out to the country to raise a family and a small flock of chickens, but when raccoons threaten his flock, Scott is forced to reevaluate his views of life and death.

Bestiary is produced by Meg Sipos Eric Botts.

Thanks to Scott Larson for letting us reproduce that essay for the show. It originally appeared printed in the literary journal Phoebe, based out of George Mason University, in issue 44.1. You can find Scott on Twitter @ScottALars

Special thanks to Kim Stryker and Eric Astor for all their support.

Podington Bear created our ad music. Other music in this episode from Tequila Moonrise, Nctrnm, Miquel Parera Jaques, Kevin MacLeod, Free Tim, Lloyd Rogers, Lee Rosevere, Kai Engel, Chris Zabriskie, and Roberto Billi.

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